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Anne Hathaway Icons

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Welcome! This is a community for finding and posting icons of actress Anne Hathaway.


Please only post icons in this community. For Anne discussion visit anne_fans, and to post pictures visit hathaway_daily. You can also post graphics here, such as wallpapers, banners and Friends Only signs.

Please lj-cut if you're posting more than 3 icons. To find out how to lj-cut, go here. To find out how to post your icons go here. To upload icons to your own space, try Photobucket, which offers free storage space. Alternatively, if you have a paid LiveJournal account, you will have a limited amount of storage space as part of your Paid Account services - go to pics.livejournal.com. More space for hosting pics is available to buy on both LJ and Photobucket.

To find out how to make icons or to get help with making them visit icon_tutorial or psp_tutorials.

Please do not hotlink to icons, but upload them to your own server, and never steal credit for someone else's icons.

Feel free to post advertisements for other communities here, but only if they are Anne-related.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the community!

Moderator: madzilla